Who I am and Why I am Here

I am a person, with a plan for the next year or so. Which is something, I guess.

The plan is a journey, Asia, overland, all family included. I’ll call us P. (man), L. (me), M. (boy) and G. (girl). We are homeducators which makes things easier for the plan.

The main purpose of this blog is answer the inevitable question that family (obsessively) and friends (in a more relaxed and casual manner) will be asking: where are they now and what are they up to? How are the kids doing? Have they join any separatist movement yet? Etc.

On top of hopefully quite regular updates to satisfy our circle’s curiosity I will write quite a bit about ohm education on the road, and a good bit about the places we visit, how people live there, what they think, why. I’d like conversations going with local people along the way, understand their culture as much as a short stay allows, understand how with small and big actions, we can make things better, for everyone.

I’d love to get regular visits of the aforementioned family and friends, but I’d especially like to connect with travellers with similar interests, itinerant families, local people and organisations that share my values and ideas – or who can enrich them.

By the end of the year I hope i’ll have recorded memories of the trip, kept in touch, shared thoughts, experiences and opinions, and made new, meaningful connections.


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